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Clash of Clans Gems Generator
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Clash of Clans is obviously the online multiplayer game that the internet gaming community considered the strategy by a storm. Supercell has developed and launched it.

In Clash of Clans, you are to form a community and train your troops there with a view to attacking the other players’ troop. The winners attain two resources- gold and elixir. Gold is used to upgrade and train troops of the player whereas Elixir creates defenses to safeguard the players from different attacks. The game is featured with a pseudo single player where players require attacking numerous villages of goblins to demolish their forts. It’s wise to build the net of trained troops and improve their skills to the optimum level before attempting an attack. Thus, training is a vital part of this game and training part will surely take a good space of your time.

The troops in the in Clash of Clans are classified into different grades that include goblins, barbarians and even archers. There are immortal heroes in the game that can be trained once only. You, as a player, have to make gold mines and build reserves of elixir and gold. Gold is needed to erect the shield to prevent intrusion in the player’s village. In nearly all strategy game, you will require resources for continuation and that resources appear here as gems. So, you must have Gems in addition to Gold and Elixir to achieve big in the game.


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